Experience and Know-How

Naturally, the hard hat is the most important piece of safety gear on a job site. Yellow Hat stands for what all building materials manufacturers must nurture and guard – knowledge. Because, with knowledge, comes considerable power to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Yellow Hat is a training resource developed by a team of building materials industry experts who have decades of experience, know-how, and proven success, and who are now in the business of transferring this wealth of knowledge to the next generation of market leaders.

Directing and managing building materials manufacturing companies from the c-suite and marketing and sales  senior management levels, the Yellow Hat team is building industry professionals who have earned PhDs in building materials, not at a university, but over decades, in the trenches, in the highly competitive and complex residential and commercial building materials industry.

Coupled with leading enterprise learning and technology experts, Yellow Hat offers the most comprehensive, relevant, and impactful building materials sales training in North America.

Far Beyond Traditional Sales Training

Yellow Hat training extends well beyond soft selling skills and technical product training. To maximize success, today’s building materials sales professional must be a trusted adviser to decision makers and influencers, with intimate understanding of residential and/or commercial product journeys and the contracting methods that impact each journey, and master fundamentals of building sciences. They must also fully adopt and leverage today’s essential technologies like CRM tools.  

Flexible, Adaptable, Evergreen Training

Training utilized today needs to be evergreen in the company, customizable and adaptable, and able to address distance training, in-person training and field training. Training curriculum and content needs to be delivered using the latest instructional design methodology, using cognitive learning expertise, ensuring training is absorbed, and can be applied in a fashion that delivers measurable returns in increase sales performance.

Yellow Hat delivers the nation’s most manageable, robust, comprehensive, technology driven, measurable building industry training platform for building materials manufacturers in a customizable, adaptable, evergreen, measurable, and optimizable platform.

Yellow Hat is a strategic partnership of CNVRT a leading sales consulting company for building materials manufacturers and VantEdge a North American leader in cutting edge training solutions utilizing technology and proven cognitive learning techniques.